Missouri Tattoo License

Missouri Tattoo License

Once you live in Missouri state and want to start your career as a tattoo artist, you may probably need this guide to get information about the details in this field. The first important thing you are to think about is the Missouri tattoo license. Let’s walk through this page and learn everything connected with it.

How to get a license to tattoo in Missouri?

Whenever you decide to become a tattooer, you must think of conducting it legally. That is to say, you are to go through the licensure process. There are four ways for obtaining a certificate. Those are enumerated below:

  • The first way is to gain one through apprenticeship. To clarify, you must work under a certified tattooer’s hand. He/she should register you as his/her apprentice within the first 10 days. Whenever you complete 300 hours of apprenticeship, doing at least 50 procedures, you can apply for it.
  • The second way is to submit a supervisor’s statement to prove your experience. To clarify, you are to submit it by working as a tattooer for at least 3 years in the past 7 years.
  • The third way is to qualify through study. For this purpose, you will need to pass through instruction and training courses of 300 hours. So, the classes included in these courses are as follows:
    1. Sanitation
    2. Equipment handling
    3. Disease control
    4. Skin treatment
    5. Mark design and artistry
    6. Clinical practice

Here, alongside with your application form, you must provide a copy of the proof, that you have had practical experience in at least 25 completed procedures.

  • The last way is reciprocity. To clarify, if you have already passed through the licensure with the same requirements in another state, you can provide your certificate copy and verification letter to the tattooing office.

After passing through one of these ways, you will also need to pay $100 or $120, if you would like to be certified in body piercing and body branding.

Missouri tattoo license required fees

Whenever you apply for any kind of permission, you should probably think of upcoming fees. In this case, they are as follows:

  • For a year – $240.70
  • For three years – $501.10
  • A fee for criminal history check – $39.55
  • A fingerprinting fee – $100

You can pay them by :

  • Credit card
  • Cheque
  • Money order

Note: after each fulfilled step, you will be informed about your coming tasks for successfully gaining a permit.

How do I renew my MI tattoo permit?

Before the renewal date, you will be mailed about it, you should pay the $200 renewal fee and submit your application. You can also pass through the process online. For starting you will only need your certificate number.

Apply for mutual recognition of a tattooist’s permission

If you are a new resident in Missouri state, owning an Australian state permit you are to be entitled to mutual recognition. Whenever you decide to perform body art marking you must also hold current permission in Maintain Infection Prevention for Skin Penetration Treatments. There is a set of demands you are to meet for gaining this kind of permit. Those are as follows:

  • Being at least 18 years
  • Having Australian citizenship or being a permanent resident
  • Passing a criminal history check with Queensland Police Service
  • Holding current permission in Maintain Infection Prevention for Skin Penetration Treatments (HLTINF005)

You can submit your application online and in person. The Queensland Government page contains the full list of services, which you can complete online.

To conclude, the job of a tattooer must be conducted legally, for preventing law enforcement. It is the MT license, that provides that legality. You can also check our other articles for other licensing information in this state like Missouri Real Estate License or Missouri Security License.

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