Missouri Security License

Missouri Security License

If you are reading this article, then you are probably interested in Missouri Security licenses. So, let’s see what is there to know about the certification, the process, and the steps you have to take to achieve your goal.

Missouri security license general requirements

As a matter of fact, private security licenses in the state are issued in the city of St. Louis. The general licensing categories are for:

  • Watchman
  • Courier
  • Safety officer

The main points necessary for succeeding in licensure are as follows:

  • 18 years old for watchman category
  • 21 years old for couriers and keepers
  • No convictions for crime and felony
  • Free from addictions

The former generally do not require authorization from the police. Their main task is to report and observe the surroundings. They do not have permission to carry weapons, arrest or detain people.

Couriers take care of and transport property they are entitled to protect. They usually wear military uniforms. Couriers, in fact, do not have any power of arresting, detaining or carrying out any type of search.

And lastly, there are safety officers who hold certain police powers. They protect designated people or property. By the way, their power is limited to the specific area or premises. They can also carry weapons. For this, however, they must have special authorization.

Application demands for private officers

To apply for the license, you need to submit the following:

Also, to determine your eligibility, you will undergo a full background check and submit fingerprints. The local police agencies generally prove applicant data and conviction information. In fact, if there is a conviction for any kind of felony, it is a direct cause for disqualification.

In general, private guards have the right to arrest and detain in case of any incidents on the premises.

Requirements for guard and watchman services

You can register as an armed or unarmed guard in Columbia, Missouri. Those who want to be unarmed can be 18 years old and more. However, to be able to carry a weapon, it is obligatory to be over 21.

A future armed guard has to cover the following:

  • Complete a written test
  • Pass a test checking your safety skills
  • Take a firearm course

Kansas City Requirements

There are two main types of permits in Kansas City. Thus, there are type A and type B permits. Generally, class A guards have more privileges.

The licensees have to follow the following steps:

  • Take a written test
  • Undergo a full check
  • Submit fingerprints
  • Meet the fitness demands

The written tests cover topics like crisis management, liability matters. Also, the application cost differs depending on the classes:

  • Class A, B Armed guards – $149. The renewal fee is $90.
  • Class A, B Unarmed officers – $90. The renewal fee is $65.

Guard training

In reality, at the state level, it is not obligatory to obtain eligibility. On the other hand, however, the permit can be of use. Especially, those who are going to carry firearms, may still undergo a certain practice.

To become an armed officer and pass the training, the person must be:

  • 21 years and older
  • A US citizen or a registered resident
  • Have no past felony or criminal record
  • Mentally stable
  • In good physical shape
  • Have no substance addictions

The practice is usually generated by hiring companies. The main course covers the following topics:

  • Legal aspects
  • First aid
  • Patrol
  • Surveillance operation
  • Work with public

Future armed officers must obtain

  • A permit for a weapon
  • Firearm training certificate.
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