Missouri Private Investigator License

Missouri Private Investigator License

Decided to take a leap in your career and become a private investigator? This can be an amazing experience for you.  The first crucial step in this journey is getting a Missouri private investigator license. We will cover in detail the state requirements, the process of licensure, and more.


To work as a detective or an investigator in Missouri, it’s necessary to hold a license. The governing body that regulates licensure is the Board of Private Investigator Examiners under the MO Division of Professional Registration.

To obtain it, these are the general requirements the Board demands:

  • Be at least 21 and hold a US passport
  • Purchase $250,000 insurance coverage
  • Pass criminal background check

Apart from these, as a PI, you should own a business location, where your clients can reach you. Moreover, you should send proof of insurance coverage to the Board along with other documents. More about it, we cover in the next paragraph.

Application Process

Before we thoroughly discuss the process of application, let us point out that there are two types of PI licenses in Missouri.

  • Applying as a private detective OR
  • As a PI agency

There may be slightly different qualification demands but the overall procedure looks similar. To submit your documents, follow our step-by-step guide.

  • Firstly, fill out this form or this one.
  • Secondly, collect all paperwork to attach them with your application including your fingerprint check, proof of your insurance coverage, and 2 of your passport-style photos.
  • Thirdly, pass the examination.
  • Then, pay the $500 processing fee.

The forms should be notarized and signed by you. Once you do that, send the whole package to their address.

If you apply as an agency, you should pay $400. Additionally, you should also provide a business address as well as a professional mailing address. Once your submission is sent and reviewed, you receive a follow-up letter.

You should also submit proof of registration of your business with the MO Secretary of State.

If you want to learn about the requirements of the New Mexico private investigator license as well, go through the link.

Education and Training

Your chances of getting the job will be higher if you have completed relevant educational programs. For instance, if you have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, or any other areas related to the scope of work, the approval will be quicker. However, since there are no obligations of holding a diploma, or completing training programs, you must make sure to carefully meet each requirement the Board demands.

In the upcoming paragraph, we shall discuss another point, which is the experience and the completion of exams.

Examination and Experience

To be qualified for the licensure, it’s necessary to have at least 2 years of experience in investigation. If you don’t have the expertise, the next deciding point will be to pass the written exam. This is in case your application is pre-approved.

The examination tests your knowledge of investigations, rules, and regulations related to this subject. There are 75 questions in total and to pass the exam, you should score at least 70% accuracy. The examination lasts two hours.


As we mentioned earlier, the fee is $500. Below, let’s point out other applicable charges too:

  • PI Agency License- $400
  • Written Exam fee- $80
  • Agency Employee- $100
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