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Missouri Banned License Plates

To identify your vehicle in the state of Missouri, you need to register your car and get a license plate. There are many types of license plates in MO (Missouri). But, besides having a tag number, you can make it unique. To have a unique combination of tags, you need to add your favorite phrases, letters, numbers, also your name, etc. Thus, you will personalize your tag number.

The Missouri Department of Revenue (“DOR”) provides and approves your vanity plates. But there is an important fact to note. Generally, the Department of Motor Vehicles can reject the plates for reasonable causes. For example, if a certain tag does not match the DOR requirements, it will be banned. There are many other reasons for plates rejection. Therefore, you must read this article to get more information about Missouri banned license plates.

Missouri Banned License Plates Causes

The common reasons for tag rejections are the same as, for example, in Colorado.

A certain vanity plate will be refused in the following cases:

  • If the tag number has offensive, improper, or vulgar meaning.
  • Any combination of letters and digits that offends and ignores some ethnic or racial group. Also, someone’s taste and behavior.
  • In the case of owning a tag that directs a sexual message to the public.
  • The DOR does not accept any word that condemns God.

So, you should be very attentive while choosing your plate.

List of Missouri Banned License Plates

Of course, the DOR cannot notify all the rejected plates. But there are some not acceptable and improper words, that the drivers are not allowed to use.

Here is the list of banned sheets:

  • The word “Drunk” is not acceptable. As a result, it will cause problems with the police.
  • The Missouri DOR does not issue sheets including the words “Ass” and “Boobs”.  As well as tag numbers, such as “ASSVAN”, “BADASS”, “DEDASS”, etc.
  • “SXYGMA”, “FNSEXY”, “1B1TCH”, “LMAOJK”, and other tags are not acceptable due to their profane context.
  • The plates “AXMRDR”, “DUBEE”, “HTDAMM”, “H8NPPL” are also banned.

Requirements for a license plate combination

There are many strict points that you are not allowed to use while choosing a certain plate. Here are some important rules you need to follow:

  • The license plate should not contain more than six symbols.
  • The space, apostrophe, and dash are also considered symbols.
  • You can use the letters “A” to “Z”.
  • The numbers from “0” to “9” are acceptable.

Missouri Vanity Plate Application

In case of getting a license plate, first, you need to apply. To request a personalized vanity plate, the application form is available online. You just need to enter your personal information and provide other required points. So, you can order your personalized vanity tag online, as well as visit the Missouri license office.

For ordering online, you need to follow some instructions:

  1. Firstly, visit the Missouri official web page.
  2. Secondly, choose the “Driving and Vehicles” field.
  3. Thirdly, click on the “Personalized tags”.
  4. Afterward, take your desired tag message. Then, check the availability of it.
  5. If your combination of six symbols is available, then you can approve it by selecting the “Reserve” button.

To complete the ordering process, you need to:

  1. Enter your personal information.
  2. Also, provide detailed information about a vehicle.
  3. Besides, mark the license office from where you will take your plate.
  4. Pay a $15 fee. You can pay with your credit/debit card.
  5. In conclusion, verify your order.

When your vanity plate is ready, your local department will inform you. At the same time, you must take the registration information with you.

The tag-making process may take few months. So, you can download your tag number after getting it via mail.

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