Missouri Insurance License

Missouri Insurance License

Persons, who desire to operate as a real estate agent in the state of Missouri, cannot enter the industry without the proper license. Thus, you should get a Missouri insurance license to become a licensed professional.

How do I get my Missouri insurance license?

Prepare for the upcoming exam

In Missouri, there is no certain number of pre-license hours/credits to obtain for licensure. Different from many states across the US, the state of Missouri leaves the studying process up to you. Hence, you are to select the studying method that will be more effective for you.

It is common for most applicants to take an educational package, which involves useful material and appropriate teaching techniques. Such courses, as a rule, give you deeper understanding of insurance products and laws. They also promise significantly higher passing rates for the state exam.

Despite these facts, it may also be possible to plan the process on your own. This has some positive points as well. The thing is that you can fit the studies into your already busy schedule and concentrate on the area of learning that you most feel like devoting your time to.

Take the Missouri licensing exam

Once you feel ready to take the Missouri insurance exam, you should register for it online and schedule the day of the exam.

In case you do not know how to use the computer or have problems with it, you may call at 866-274-4740 and reserve an exam sitting.

Note that you will be taking one exam for each preferred line of authority. The exam fee per attempt is $49.

Candidates must arrive thirty minutes before the exam start so that they can present themselves to the testing center. Bringing two forms of in English identification (primary and secondary) is a must. It must be government issued and bear your photo and signature.

If English is your second language, then you may request additional time for the exam by sending a request form (English second language) to the testing company. Do not hurry to schedule an exam unless the testing center contacts you and approves of your request.

Apply for the Missouri insurance license

Submitting your application is another major step in the licensing process. You can easily apply online and pay the $100 license fee.

Contact Information

Missouri Department of Insurance
301 West High Street, Room 530
Jefferson City, MO 65101
PO Box 690
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0690
Phone: 573-751-3518
Fax: 573-526-3416

How hard is the Missouri insurance exam?

The Missouri insurance exam is hard enough to pass. The nature and scope of tasks are to determine the level of knowledge and skills necessary to practice as an insurance agent.

The state exam comprises of two portions- National and State.

The state portion is very detailed and challenging. It reflects laws, rules and regulations regarding the practice of insurance. In reality, it is not easy to remember all of these, but you must find a way of studying that will work for you.

The number of the exam questions depends on the type of insurance. You should score at least 70% or higher to pass the exam.

Is it hard to get your insurance license in Missouri?

It is not quite easy to get your insurance license in Missouri, as you should prepare a lot and work hard to pass the exam. However, not all lines of insurance are equally hard and you may ease the process by doing your best.

The cost to become a licensed insurance agent in Missouri

Insurance agents must pay $100 for license application and $49 for each examination attempt. Paying for pre-licensing may also be necessary providing that you take a course.

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