Missouri Auto Dealer License

Missouri Auto Dealer License

Are you interested in selling cars? This Missouri auto dealer license lookup will help you start down your career path. Use the Missouri auto dealer license lookup to determine what you need to do to get your license. Planning on getting your dealer’s license and want to check its status? Or do you want to confirm that someone else has their dealer’s license? A Missouri auto dealer license lookup is a quick way to check it. But, before there are few things one should know.

How do you get a car dealer’s license in Missouri?

You can get your Missouri auto dealer license from the Missouri Department of Revenue.

  • Firstly, you will need to attend the Missouri Dealer Educational Seminar. The dealer license training class lasts about 4 hours. After completing the training course the Dealer Educational Seminar Certificate of Completion will be issued
  • Secondly, complete a Missouri Dealer License application form from the Missouri Department of Revenue
  • After that, you will need to pass an online criminal background check. The background check must be conducted online through the Missouri Highway Patrol. The background check will cost you $13

These are the steps to get a Missouri car dealer’s license. But if you are going to have your own business find the further steps.

Steps to start a car dealership business

  1. Register the Dealership name with the Missouri Secretary of State. Do this before you get your license
  2. Get an office. And, check the zoning laws with your local authorities
  3. Get a display lot, a business sign and submit a photo of your business with your application
  4. Maintain insurance on every car you own
  5. Provide an original dealer surety bond
  6. And, as a final step you should meet with a law enforcement officer

If you follow all these steps, it will be easy for you to get a car dealer license in Missouri.

How much is a dealer license in Missouri?

For your car dealer license in Missouri you will have to pay $150. And, you can apply for the license starting from December. Because the licenses are valid from January 1st to December 31st. The initial dealer license plate fee is $50 per year. But, for the additional plates you will have to pay $10.5.

How do I get a dealer’s license in Missouri without a lot?

Missouri requires to have a lot to be able to apply for the Missouri auto dealer license. In the state of Missouri you must have a display lot. And, this lot must be used only for your business. Moreover, each car there must be for sale and the lot must have a clear view from the nearest public street.

How many cars can you sell in Missouri without a dealer’s license?

It is allowed to sell up to 6 cars in the state of Missouri without an auto dealer license. But, these cars should be titled with their names. Moreover, they should be used only for personal, family or household reasons.

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