Missouri Contractor License

Missouri Contractor License

If you are a handyman or a contractor and decided to be a certified worker in the state of Missouri, then this article might come in handy for you. We have collected all needed information and made it into a step-by-step guide that will accelerate the process of obtaining your contractor’s license in this state.

Does Missouri require a contractor’s license?

Although the state of Missouri doesn’t require a license for general contracting or handymen jobs and there is no state-wide licensure operation, the regulations and laws may vary between cities. To become a general contractor in Missouri requirements, the application process and fees will rely upon the local authority of your city.

Being a certified contractor offers many benefits for your business that are pointed out below:

  • Work on bigger projects and thus have higher income
  • Gain more trust and credibility from clients
  • Publicizes your business as you will be in the lists of public contractors

So if you wish for these advantages of holding a contractor’s license, keep reading to discover all the major steps, laws and regulations of licensing applied at the local and state level.

All the authorized contractors should carry out the state-specific requirements that are as follows:

In some cases, proof of business insurance is also mandatory to cover damages, accidents, or losses. Holding a business license with general liability and worker’s compensation insurance plans assures the protection of your business and your employees.

How do you get a contractor’s license in Missouri?

To obtain your contractor’s license in Missouri you need to check your local government not the state as two different cities can have entirely exclusive policies. Here, we will discuss further details about obtaining a contractor’s license in major cities of the state.

Kansas City

To be an authorized contractor in Kansas City you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Provide the completed and notarized form of application
  • Hold a valid high school diploma or GED
  • Provide proof of your skills and experiences
  • Register a business with Missouri Secretary of State
  • Provide your exam scores
  • Provide a certificate indicating the general liability and worker’s compensation insurance
  • Payment of application ($55) and insurance fee

The KC City Planning and Development issues various types of licenses that may also be subdivided into different classes. Prior to your application remember to appoint a supervisor who needs to pass the accredited exam. The following types of contractor’s licenses are issued by the local KC City government:

  • Demolition contractor’s license (Class Ӏ, Class ӀӀ, Class ӀӀӀ)
  • Electrical contractor’s license (Class Ӏ, Class ӀӀ, Class ӀӀӀ)
  • Elevator contractor’s license (Class Ӏ, Class ӀӀ)
  • Fire Protection contractor’s license (Class Ӏ, Class ӀӀ, Class ӀӀӀ)
  • Gas-fired appliance contractor’s license
  • Plumbing contractor’s license
  • Pipe fitting contractor’s license
  • Heating and ventilating contractor’s license
  • Refrigeration contractor’s license
  • Residential building contractor’s license
  • Sign contractor’s license

Along with your application fee, for each license type, you must pay $167 for the insurance fee and the same amount of renewal fee every 4 years. For further information about contractor’s licensing and processing your application contact:

City Planning & Development – Development Services
Telephone: (816) 513-1500 x 6
Contractor Licensing Branch, City Hall #503
414 East 12th Street, 5th Floor
Kansas City, Missouri 64106

St. Louis

To work in St. Louis as a contractor you need to hold a building permit and a Graduated Business license. The following steps are required to complete to be an authorized worker in St. Louis:

  • Obtain a state sale tax number through the Missouri Department of Revenue
  • Complete the form of Graduated Business License application
  • Get clearance from the Collectors Revenue’s Office
  • Show the proof of worker’s compensation insurance
  • Acquire an Occupancy Permit from the Building Division
  • Pay the application ($100 or $200) and insurance fees

After obtaining a Graduated Business License get prepared to obtain a building permit. General contractors applying for a building permit need to carry out all the below-mentioned processes:

  •  Show the details of the project including the address
  • Provide information about the building owner, general contractor, etc.
  • Present the detailed construction drawings
  • Provide the verification of payment of the application fee

 A business operating within the state of Missouri is obligated to register a sales tax license with the Department of Revenue if it falls under a certain category of personal property and table services. Make sure your business has been also registered for tax-specific identification numbers, permits or licenses, seller’s permit, and unemployment insurance tax. To find further details of business taxing, visit here.

Does a handyman need a license in Missouri?

General contractors or handymen don’t need to obtain a license to perform contracting work. However, you must check the local government to acquire issuing authority of the city. Handymen typically carry out works on small projects and minor jobs, unlike licensed contractors. Such works are as follows but are not limited to:

  • Quick repairs
  • Power washing
  • Touching up paints
  • Repairs of small dry rots
  • Assembly of furniture

If you think you deserve better job options and higher income get set to obtain your handyman license. Here are the main steps that will assist you to get your license quickly:

  • Visit local government to find out how many licenses do you need
  • In your location search for professional handyman associations
  • Refresh your handyman knowledge with a good training
  • Study and take the exam
  • Submit the complete form of application to get your license

 To start your handyman business in the state of Missouri, take the following steps:

  • Get your business name registered
  • Choose the structure of your business
  • Get your business registered
  • Acquire a Business Checking Account
  • Recruit an auditor and learn more about taxes
  • Obtain a liability and worker’s compensation insurance
  • Register as a contractor

Missouri contractor’s license lookup and lookup

To find out information about a license and verify contractors in Kansas City, MO click here.

St. Louis Permits website allows individuals to search and confirm the building permits of contractors by address.

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