Missouri Business License

Missouri Business License

Do you want to start an authorized business in Missouri and in need of in-depth information about the laws and regulations applied specifically in the state? We researched and gathered all the essential details to create a steps-by- steps guide that will help you to save your time and energy, making the process of obtaining your Missouri business license quickly and easily.

How do I obtain a business license in Missouri?

Prior to establishing your business in Missouri, remember that every city or county in Missouri has the requirements and processes that are in compliance with the local government. Owning a Missouri business license gives lots of benefits that will lead to achievements of your business’s plans and ambitions. Here are the main advantages of holding a business license:

  • Gives credibility and trust to your clients
  • Prevents from costly fines and penalties
  • Allows the opening of new locations

Now that we discussed the advantages of holding a business license, let’s look through the main processes of obtaining it in Missouri.
First of all, make sure to define the structure of your business whether it’s LLC, a corporation, a partnership, etc., and complete all needed paperwork. Once you determine your business entity, get ready to carry out the following steps:

To earn your business license in Missouri, you must be aware of the defined laws & regulations of the local city/county. For instance, to operate your business in St. Louis you should hold a Graduated Business License while the City of Springfield sets its own laws & regulations and requires any person or company providing services to obtain a business license.

Based on the type of work your business conducts the common categories of business licensing and permits are as follows:

  • Professional licenses
  • Agricultural licenses
  • Environmental permits, certifications, or registrations

Do you have to have a business license in Missouri?

Although there is no state-wide, general business license, businesses operating in the state of Missouri should hold a license or permits on a local level. The application process, requirements, and laws are subject to change according to the local authority of each city. Find out below major cities in Missouri that require obtaining a business license/permit to run your business:

  • St. Louis requires obtaining a Graduated Business license to operate in the city.
  • Kansas City demands to complete business licensing application  and pay “Profits Return Earning Tax”
  • Springfield Finance Department issues home-based and commercial-based business licensing in order to operate your business in Springfield.
  • Independence requires businesses to obtain City Occupation License along with zone clearance to run a business in this city.

How much is a business license in the state of Missouri?

Depending on the authority of each city/county in Missouri, the cost of a business license varies significantly. For instance, to obtain a Graduated Business License in St. Louis, new businesses that start between June 1 and January should pay $200 while for businesses starting after January 1 and up to May 31, the initial payment is $100.

To get a City Occupation License in order to operate your business in Independence, MO, the fee is $75 if the gross annual receipts of $25,000 or less. For gross receipts over $25,000 the license fee changes to $75 plus $0.31 for each $1,000.

To register your business name you should complete the registration of a fictitious name, which has a filing cost of $7. Additionally, to register your business structure you should pay $25-$30.

How do I become an LLC in Missouri?

If you decided to form an LLC business in Missouri follow these steps to ease the troubles of researching and finding reliable information and sources:

  • Create an account with the Missouri Secretary of State and create LLC
  • Enter an exclusive name of the LLC you desire.
  • Choose the duration of operating your business
  • Identify the registered agent in Missouri (Registered agent can either be a resident of Missouri or resident agent service)
  • Pay initial filing fee if it’s online $50 or by mail $105

Once your LLC business is formed you can obtain an Employer Identification Number to hire employees, open a bank account, and more. When obtaining EIN for your LLC business, you should also choose the form of federal income taxation.

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